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Winter Special! Free feather or nail trim, or deworming with every health check consult. Use this opportunity to make sure your treasured companion is happy and healthy!

Common Household Hazards to Companion Birds


Of all the species of birds kept commonly as pets, surely the most popular are the parrots and parakeets.

Due to their outgoing and curious natures, these birds often get themselves into dangerous situations in and around the home.

Any home may easily be made safer for pet birds with a little planning and common sense.

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Feeding a Green Iguana


There are a large number of foods that can be fed to an iguana. As with people, some foods are really healthy and good to eat as a staple food, some are good in smaller amounts, and others should only be eaten on occasion as a treat.

When formulating a diet for your iguana, compare it to what you know of a healthy diet for people. Marrows, pumpkin and green beans are all very healthy foods and part of a nutritious, balanced diet for anybody.

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Open for business as usual, sorry for any inconvenience caused over the lockdown

Welcome to the Bird and Exotic Animal Hospital

Based at the internationally renowned Onderstepoort Veterinary Academic Hospital in South Africa, the privately run Bird and Exotic Animal Hospital focuses towards world class care of Birds, Reptiles, Primates, Fish, Small Mammals, Invertebrates and other non-traditional species.

With our highly trained and dedicated staff we are always willing to go the extra mile to make sure your treasured companion receives the best care possible.

We accept both first opinion and referral cases, please call first for an appointment so that we can see you as promptly as possible when you arrive.



Top veterinary facilities and equipment 


We have access to top facilities and equipment including an ICU with 24 hour monitoring, Ultrasound and CT Scanning and an in-house clinical pathology lab.

Our facilities are catered specifically towards the special needs of our sensitive and sometimes difficult patients.

We have climate controlled hospital rooms, indoor and outdoor housing and incubators for critical patients.

We provide a wide variety of food from specially bred insects, organic greens, cooked chicken and egg to berries in season depending on the patient's requirements.



High quality exotic animal diet foods


We stock a large variety of high quality bird and exotic animal diets including monkey porridge, Harrisons bird foods, Versele laga bird and small mammal diets etc.

We have specially packed fresh hay for rabbits, chinchillas and guinea pigs and deluxe chinchilla bathing sand available.

Our toy range is extensive, from simple wooden chew toys to complex foraging and puzzle solving toys for rats, birds and primates.

Environmental enrichment is of paramount importance to the well being of exotic animals.

Let us advise you on the most suitable ways to keep your animal friends busy and happy.

Have a look through our range of recommended veterinary products. We specifically choose high quality products that we have tested and used ourselves, to make sure your pet is as happy and healthy as possible.

All the products available at our practice can be couriered to you by special arrangement.