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Bird and Exotic Animal Hospital Staff

Dr Dorianne Elliott

Dr Elliott is the owner of the Clinic and has been working specifically with exotic animals since 2003.

Dorianne has a special interest in surgery but as our most experienced vet is hands on with all our cases. She is one of the few vets in Gauteng qualified to handle and treat venomous snakes.

Dr Elliott lectures extensively both to the undergraduate veterinary students at Onderstepoort as well as to other veterinarians and exotic animal interest groups.

She enjoys speaking on the radio and is often to be heard on 702 as well as other stations educating the public about the responsibilites of owning exotic pets.

Dorianne has kept numerous non-traditional animals including parrots, reptiles, fish, invertebrates, monkeys, chinchillas etc and also enjoys helping with rehabilitation work on wildlife, which the clinic sponsors.

Dorianne keeps a large number of animals, most of them rescues.

Sister Sone' Louw

Sr Sone' Louw qualified as a Veterinary Nursing Sister in 2016 from Onderstepoort.

She is an avid bird lover and has adopted two disabled parrots as well as a disabled Leopard Gecko.

Sone' is excellent with our patients and always goes the extra mile to make them as comfortable as possible while in hospital.

Having a qualified Veterinary Nursing Sister on our team makes a huge difference to the level of patient care that we can offer.

She will often be the person you meet when coming to collect patients or when asking for advice or updates.

Mrs Meisie Malatse

Meisie has been with us since 2003.

She is responsible for the care of our hospitalised patients as well as the day to day running of the clinic.

Meisie makes sure your pets are clean and comfortable during their stay with us, she liaises with owners and reports on your pet's progress and she reports back even the finest details about changes in the patient's condition to the doctors.

She helps with patient examinations, treatments and special supportive care such as fluid administration and assisted feeding.

Meisie has several ringneck parakeets who run around the house and bite visitors.

Mrs Carol Hartzenberg

Carol joined us in 2009 as a part time receptionist and is now our Practice Manager.

She will be the first person to greet you when you enter the clinic.

She will make appointments, co-ordinate bookings between different departments, assist you with financial matters and advise you on food and merchandise sales.

Carol runs the Phoenix Memorial Rescue Centre for primates and wildlife.

This centre caters for abused and abandoned primates and injured or orphaned wildlife.

She has extensive knowledge regarding the care and feeding of exotic animals and also consults on primate behavioural problems.

Mrs Dorah Motileni

Dorah is responsible for the biosecurity of the clinic.

She makes sure all rooms and cages are properly disinfected between patients.

Dorah has attended a special Biosecurity course in this regard.

She is also responsible for feeding our patients and assists with procedures.

Dorah has a ringneck parakeet that she has taught to speak Sotho as well as two tame cockatiels.

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